Introducing a product that treats period pains


Say bye to period pains

Murugu Natural & Nutritional Clinic have made the breakthrough with the invention of Normorrhea. We have invented the best cure that gives you the peace of mind even when menstrual periods are on.


It's Proven

We have done enough in dysmenorrhea research. To get to the level of inventing a working cure to such a complicated condition, it deserves credit; lots of it. But all that for your sake.

Works beyond pain relief

Normorrhea addresses all issues squarely. You don’t have to go and pick drugs to treat your headache and any other feeling you got. Once you take our solution, consider everything done.

Keeps you active

It is very unlikely that you find a lady happy and active when it’s that time of the month. With Normorrhea, all days are happy days around the year.

The solution for all girls

As long as you experience menstruation periods, Murugu herbal have had your issues addressed professionally. Whether you are in adolescence age or near menopause, your pain will be eliminated.

Fear not, it’s safe

Nothing artificial is added in our solution. Everything is natural with ingredients that are basically herbs. We understand that women are careful with what they take as most of them want to remain fertile.

Shilling considerate

Women are not equal in terms of pocket muscle. Yet, they all need this solution. Murugu herbal clinic understands the women and hence have made their prices considerate.

Time saving

Not all women have all day to sit back and apply the many recommended home remedies in the attempt to cure their pain. Normorrhea is one that saves your time making life go on as planned.

Properly Researched

Dysmenorrhea remains a condition that still requires extensive research to understand better. Our scientists and researchers at Murugu herbal clinic have done their bit in getting to the root of the problem and bringing up this workable solution

Herbal remedies work

Why Use Normorrhea

You can relax and expect no side effects

People are always doubting the drugs they take. Some will take them and end up with a worse situation than the one the drugs are expected to treat. Medicines are supposed to cure but not bring another disease to replace the one moving out. Pharmaceutical drugs have made their repute known to the whole world. Most of them come with consequences. On the side of herbal remedies, they are easily tolerated as they are natural and safe. In other words, they speak in the language that the body can understand. Even if you take them forever, the body will treat them the same way it treats the food you take.

They are effective

Herbal remedies are not just recommended because they are safe. They work even better than their medical counterparts. They work best even for situations that seem untreatable using the usual drugs. Ask the women experiencing menstrual cramps and they will tell you that there is nothing they haven’t tried yet. If such women get to take the solution by Murugu herbal clinic, then they will claim otherwise. For once they will have found the cure.

Cost friendly

The economic situation in Kenya and East Africa at large is getting worse. People want to keep close the shillings they got. Just visit the nearby pharmacy and you will realize that indeed, drugs are expensive. Well, you don’t have to stretch more than you can when you can just go for the remedy options. Not because they are cheap, but because they are effective. It’s only that the testing, marketing and testing costs are fairly less. Ingredients are also herbs that are readily available inside Kenya.

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No more Period Pains

Dysmenorrhea remains a condition that still requires extensive research to understand better. For the time being, we have availed the workable solution that you can count on. What remains is for you to place the order and consider your menstrual cramps painless for the coming days. If pain continues even after you have taken the solution (which is very unlikely) consider coming to us for personalized treatment.

"Normorrhea is not our first solution to invent. Others have preceded this solution and we are proud to have invented such. We have received lots of positive reviews and commendations for job well done. "

Dr. Murugu

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