Introducing Normorrhea

Introducing Normorrhea– your dysmenorrhea solution

They say that women are complicated. It turns out that they really are. Men will not complain of aches not unless they have spent their day in hard work. Abdominal pain to some women comes often and almost by default month after month. Dysmenorrhea is the name given to the painful experiences by most women during their menstrual periods. As a matter of fact, most women will wish that they had no menstrual cycles in them. That’s because of the painful cramps that accompany their periods.

Very few women don’t undergo the tough cramps. It is estimated that women ranging from 45% to 95% suffer dysmenorrhea. Even then, many take the situation for granted claiming that it is a natural phenomenon. Well, nobody likes pain. And that’s why at Murugu herbal clinic, we have invented the best cure that gives you the peace of mind even when menstrual periods are on. But what is dysmenorrhea exactly? Check that out hereof.

What is dysmenorrhea?

If you ask the women, they don’t have a specific definition of what they feel during their menstrual periods. It’s a combination of pain, bad mood and sleeping difficulties which translate to poor quality of life. Scientists define it as painful menstruation; a common problem in women especially of lower and middle ages. It starts at adolescence stage for some girls. Although the condition diminishes as a woman ages, the fact remains that, life is a mess for the few days of menstrual periods.

Of course there is a deeper science in this condition. Our scientists and researchers at Murugu herbal clinic have done their bit in getting to the root of the problem and bringing up this workable solution called. It is all about the prostaglandins found in the uterus and their roles. Dysmenorrhea also falls under the category of central sensitization syndrome primarily because of the high pain sensitivity in women. Many people out there will propose all manner of treatment for this condition. One after the other, they often take one direction; failure. What women need is a reliable treatment and not painkillers that can be addictive. We got that, order Normorrhea at our clinic and consider the days of painful menstruation gone forever.

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