What causes dysmenorrhea?

Many of the women don’t even want to know what causes their painful menstruation. All they want is to get over it. That’s basically because they see the pain as normal for women in menstruation. But did you know that it’s not a must you undergo the severe pain every time you are having periods? Well, now you know. Although there are so many sham treatments that will be offered at a fortune, they never seem to work as women would wish. But you haven’t tried Normorrhea yet. Make point of coming to us and we will make your pain disappear; not once, but every time you are having your monthly menstruation. Instead of it becoming a bother, it will become a pain free endeavor.

That said, we should start by checking what the common causes of dysmenorrhea are. During menstruation, there are prostaglandins formed on the uterus linings. These are usually chemicals that lead to muscle contractions inside the uterus triggering pain. In addition, they also decrease the rate of flow of oxygen and blood in and out of the uterus. As expected, the contractions of the uterus resemble those of labor pains and hence can lead to a lot of discomfort. It is not a surprise that diarrhea and nausea follows suit.

The uterus is a muscle like any other only that it’s inside the stomach. During the menstrual cycle, the uterus can undergo over contractions. It’s the basic reason why most of the women undergo severe pain. 

We know that primary dysmenorrhea comes by when prostaglandin hormones are released in excessive amounts. These are the hormones that lead to uterus contraction and expansion in rhythms generating pain signals. Murugu herbal clinic has developed a solution that controls and regulates the amount of prostaglandins in the system of a woman. 

Lack of exercise is another cause. All medics will say that lack of proper body fitness is the magnet to diseases. When your mechanics are proper, the body gains ultimate immune system and all processes occur normally. It’s when you relax that things tend to go out of control and unwanted conditions step in. women bodies unfortunately are not made for hard work. Many women will for days or even months without exercise.

Retroverted uterus is another cause. A uterus that is out of position can be the other reason of pain when it’s the crucial monthly periods. One that tilts backwards can be specifically painful.

Stress is another cause. Be it social or even psychological stress, can result to painful menstruation. It’s another situation that medics criticize. A woman in stress is a complete mess. Nothing seems to go right including the metabolic processes inside her. As a woman, maintaining your cool and taking life easy can go a long way in settling your menstrual pain and make good many other things. It’s the brain that malfunctions when a lady is in stress leading to abnormalities in hormone stimulation.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is specifically known to be caused by conditions including;


Although not serious as cancer, it is still a bother to most ladies. If you are unlucky to be suffering from fibroids, chances are that these benign tumors within the uterus can lead to severe pain when you are experiencing your periods. At Murugu herbal, we are flexible enough. We are known to cure women diseases including fibroids. In this case, treating fibroids will automatically cure painful menstruation.


Pelvic inflammatory disease is known to affect the fallopian tube. But that’s not all. In some women, it can go ahead to affect other birth structures including the uterus, cervix and ovaries.


It’s a situation where the endometrium develops on the muscular walls of the uterus.


They have grown to become a threat to most people. Sexually transmitted infections are not a friend to the body. They can cause among many other conditions, dysmenorrhea.

Intrauterine device usage

It is one of the many birth control methods that couples go for. Although it can be effective in preventing pregnancies, the woman can be left to suffer of secondary dysmenorrhea.


when the endometrial lining fragments move to pelvic organs, they can result to pain.

Ovarian cyst

Cysts and even tumors developing in the ovary can also cause our topic condition.

Our solution to any type of dysmenorrhea you are suffering from is safe and doesn’t affect your health in any way.