With Normorrhea

We treat dysmenorrhea just like any other disease. The usual procedure is followed once you come to us. We have to undertake a diagnosis procedure to determine if your condition is normal or if there are other complications in the underlay. A pelvic examination is necessary. Other tests of the blood and urine can also be necessary. We don’t just recommend Normorrhea without confirmation. Once we have the proof, we recommend our solution. Its herbal based and absolutely made of natural ingredients. Nothing to worry about.

Just in other body conditions, there are the recommended treatments whether medical or home remedies. Since dysmenorrhea is a condition that has been there since the formation of the earth and beginning of humankind, there is a series of proposals that are claimed to heal it. 

Best treatment however addresses the issue of what type of dysmenorrhea is being treated and what is the cause of it. It’s the careless taking of proposed drugs that can lead to more complications. Depending on painkillers on the other hand is not recommended. That is because you will have to take so much of them every month leading to complications.

Pain medications

It’s quite a variety in the chemists and pharmacies by now. These are drugs that are supposed to be used severally in the case of emergencies. Depending on them fully can lead to complications as the body gets used to them leading to addiction. They include all analgesic medications and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Many of the women will go for these and find relief. Just temporarily though.

Hormone medications

It’s yet another proposal that can help. This one tends to work on the hormonal imbalance that is the root cause of dysmenorrhea. Some of these medications will boost the level of progesterone which is a helpful hormone in dealing with pain.
In situations where vomiting and nausea accompany dysmenorrhea, the woman can take antiemetic medications that can relieve those. Implantable contraceptives are also claimed to work.

While the above treatments may help especially for primary dysmenorrhea, they might not be of any use for the case of its secondary counterpart. Women with the latter condition have to go an extra mile as their bodies may not respond to the NSAIDs or hormonal contraceptives as proposed. There are many causes of secondary dysmenorrhea. Not unless the treatment applied is targeting the root cause, then you cannot expect it to work.
Some of the treatments for secondary dysmenorrhea include hormonal treatments, diagnostic laparoscopy among others. TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can also be applied. In rare cases, surgery can be used to get rid of the fibroids or even widen the cervical canal where its narrowness is the root problem.

Other proposed treatments are not for the idea of medications but home remedies that can heal pain. These are discussed below.

  • Use of heating pads –they are very good regulators of pain especially when combined with the ice packs. Women experience pain in the lower abdomen. It makes sense to hold on heating pads around the abdominal region and the pain will fade away.
  • A warm bath – this one is also claimed to work for some women. As a matter of fact, pain will only aggregate if you sit back, relax and give it focus. If you can move around and even have a shower, chances are that your brain will forget about the pain. But that’s technically not a cure in any way.
  • Relaxing and lots of rest – women who take it slow several days before their monthly periods don’t complain much when it’s the real deal. Avoidance of any stressful situations usually helps. The problem comes when you are in pain and the brain is overworked. The pain is usually double in such a time.
  • Nutritious foods – it’s not time to take doughnuts and fries that ladies love to the moon and back. It is claimed that sticking to a nutritious diet containing important elements such as magnesium, zinc, omega 3 and vitamin E works. These can help in balancing the hormonal levels in your system and relieve inflammation and muscle tension. But all women suffering from dysmenorrhea suffering from malnutrition? Absolutely not.
  • Sex – a few of the ladies will claim that having sex to orgasm will help cure their excessive pain. Still a claim.
  • Bed posture – some ladies claim that lying on the back and then supporting the knees can help cure the pain. It’s what they say.
  • Massaging the abdomen – massaging is also a thing of yesterday. It is a proven cure of pain both physically and psychologically. Some will argue, why can’t it cure the menstruation pain if it can cure back pain? Women who try it say that to some degree, it helps. All you need to do is massage the abdomen gently and you will be lost in the world of relaxation free of pain. If you are a woman who can’t find time for that, then you need to come to Murugu herbal clinic for the best cure. You can also have it delivered to you at your location if you order at our website.
  • Gentle exercises – some women just want to lay in bed and not move at all. For the case of a disabling dysmenorrhea, that is acceptable. If the pain is not much, then you can perform mild body movements that can help increase blood flow efficiency in the uterus reducing pelvic pain. Some of these exercises include biking, walking and stretching.
  • Taking enough water – it’s the basic reason taking alcohol is not encouraged for a woman in her menstruation period. Alcohol will sack the water in the body when it is very much needed. Rather than that, ladies should take more water during periods. Many people however don’t like taking water. They have to tone with lemon and other additives to be motivated to drink. And yet, it doesn’t work 100%. Taking too much water will lead to bloating which basically translates to the pain getting worse.
  • Yoga – just like mentioned above, mild exercising will help. Yoga is the perfect example of gentle exercising that includes meditation keeping the brain relaxed.

The problem with some of these treatments is that they tend to treat the symptoms that accompany dysmenorrhea and not the condition itself. What they don’t know is that the symptoms will easily fade away as the cramps subside. You don’t need to rush all over with over the counter medication for they don’t help much but lead to negative effects. You don’t have to wait for the pain so that you can treat it. You can be proactive with Normorrhea and prevent the pain from even showing up at all

Women are also people like men meaning they have to go to work and attend to their chores even when undergoing menstruation. They might not have time to relax in bed and hold heating packs on their stomachs. That is one of the motivation that led to us (Murugu herbal) inventing the solution for all women. All you need is to take it as recommended and life will continue just like in your safe days.

As long you are born a lady and you are normal, you can expect that menstruation is a must. You cannot prevent it, but you can take part in preventing it being painful. Let us help you prevent the pain in advance. Come to us and take our Normorrhea. Other preventative measures include abstinence from alcohol and smoking.