Menstruation pain is basically a phenomenon that men will never understand. You cannot understand what you will never experience. In some way, that’s our fact number one. More facts include:

Dysmenorrhea contributes a great deal in women missing work – that is because most of the women have menstruation the hard way. Pain accompanies the bleeding times and sometimes, it can be disabling. Most of the women would rather miss work than go there in such pain. It is such compromise that leads to researchers getting to work to find the cure to this issue. Murugu herbal clinic have made the breakthrough with the invention of Normorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea leads to the increased demand for pain killers – pain killers are deployed in cases of pain. With most women finding it necessary to take pain killers when its menstruation time, you can bet that the demand of these products is ever on the rise all year long. But is it really necessary to take these painkillers? Probably not. Most of the women will go for them due to desperation. They just want the pain gone. But with Normorrhea having the solution to women issues, painkillers aside.

More women suffer dysmenorrhea – according to reliable research, more are the ladies that have to deal with pain during menstruation. Very few will say that they feel no pain and even them, that can be intermittent.

Dysmenorrhea varies – there are two broad categories of dysmenorrhea. These are the primary and secondary dysmenorrhea types as discussed below. Even with these two groups, none of the women will have it the same way as another. The pain varies greatly with some not having a bit of it and others struggling with intense pain.